Rami Hanafi (born 1979, Finland) developed his passion for photography as a young boy, observing his mother’s street and nature photos aside her paintings. Rami never felt that he knew how to hold the paint brush the right way, but a camera seemed to fit well in his hand.

His interest in photography and attention on the surrounding world took him to study photojournalism in the University of Tampere. Only a few years later, in 2006 when working at Aamulehti newspaper, he was awarded the young photojournalist of the year in Finland.

Rami’s previous life as a snowboarder took him to a dream situation travelling the world for majority of the coming years, following some of the world’s best snowboarders of the time. He still continues the journey for the full enjoyment of it.

Rami is always taking his unique documentary approach towards new challenges. Whether documenting or creating he is looking for a true feeling and an uncompromising image. His sense of moment and true devotion to the story has been seen in numerous international magazines such as TWS, Outside, Snowboarder, Flag, and next to the logos of such clients as Nokia, Finnair, Flow and Billabong just to name a few.

If it wasn’t for his camera he would love to work as a curator. Or he would just be found enjoying a summer day on a boat with his daughter and wife.