In 2006, a love and passion for photography made us launch Viewmasters.

Our dream was to create engaging images with talented photographers, and raise the level of Finnish commercial photography and production. Now, seven years later, we are proud to say that our dream came true. We’ve had the pleasure to work with over 70 talented photographers from Finland and abroad, as well as countless fantastic and creative producers, stylists, make-up artists, models, caterers, casting agents, location scouts, set designers, drivers, assistants and other top-notch professionals. We have learned a lot from all of you as well as our own lovely employees. This makes us humble and thankful. Thank you!

Without our clients we wouldn't have shot a single frame. That means all of you who trusted us with your important projects, and relied on us to make the most of each case. We worked with over 200 advertisers, agencies, magazines and other communities. Thank you — you made all this possible.

Along the way we created the Creative Hub as part of our portfolio to represent shockingly creative and inspiring people outside the field of photography. Our photography gallery Laboratory was an amazing opportunity to raise photography to a pedestal in a new and lively way as well as to give it the worth it deserves — in the eyes of the art world and media, too.

We got to celebrate countless bubbly openings with you as well as our traditional vappu parties on May Day's eves! But as we all know, when the party is at its best, it's time to leave for the after-party. Times change and so do we. At the end of June we will withdraw to take an extended and long-expected holiday after which we will both start planning our next work move. No doubt it will involve photography and creative work — and you.

We will close our offices on the corner of Pursimiehenkatu and Albertinkatu for the final time on Thursday June 27 at 5pm. The doors will be open throughout that day for all our friends who want to and have time to come and say bye bye to Viewmasters.

A warm welcome!

Thankful, happy and a little blue,